Reasons for Denial of Prospects that are Often Met by Insurance Agents

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Reasons for rejecting prospects. Maybe it can be counted on the fingers, the number of prospects who immediately decide to buy when offered an insurance product. Usually rejected first, then decide to buy at a later time. It's only natural and is a natural process that must be passed by every insurance agent.

When rejected, it might be a test moment for insurance agents for those who surrender it might be enough to just here the struggle. As for those who are resilient, every rejected by the prospect will certainly be more active in learning how to sell life insurance, fixing every mistake made.

Actually the reason for the rejection put forward by the prospect from time to time is just that - that's all, for that to be learned how to overcome the rejection so that it can bear fruit sales. Refusal will continue to be a rejection if the reason stated is not having enough money, and indeed not having money.

The following are some reasons for the rejection or objection raised by the prospect, which can still be converted into sales:

  • It is not time yet
  • No money
  • It's better to save
  • His claim is difficult
  • Insurance is a lot of fraud
  • Already have insurance
  • No insurance needed

Lalu, jika prospek Anda menolak alasan seperti yang ditulis di atas, bagaimana Anda menghadapinya? bagaimana cara mengubahnya menjadi penjualan? kunci sebenarnya adalah bagaimana menunjukkan kebutuhan prospek dan menumbuhkan motivasi prospek untuk membeli asuransi.

Agen-agen asuransi yang telah sukses sebelumnya telah mengalami serangkaian penolakan dan kemudian berhasil melewatinya dan berhasil mendapatkan banyak penjualan. Yang harus Anda lakukan hanyalah mengikuti teknik mereka.

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