Introduction to Insurance

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Explanation of this insurance is made based on conditions in other countries that also apply to most countries in the world

Introduction to Insurance

The following is an Introduction to Insurance

If you want to drive a car or have a mortgage loan to buy a house, you are required to buy insurance. Insurance protects you from disasters and reduces risks that you cannot afford alone.

Lenders cannot lend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a house if they know that one day the house is on fire, we can easily get out and stop paying the mortgage because some of us have savings to rebuild the house. But what if you don't have savings? Insurance can be the best solution for problems like this.

When you are involved in a car accident without insurance, it will potentially cause harm to you as a driver with all the damage to the car without getting liability and compensation for treatment.

Insurance also makes us survive and stay healthy by making healthcare costs more affordable, giving benefits to people we love after we die, and making us keep earning income even though we have not worked for several months or years due to illness or injury.

Most of us buy insurance that is compulsory in nature, do not buy optional insurance that can make our finances safer and alleviate concerns about bad events that can happen to us.

What's more, some of us have an understanding of how insurance policies work. That's the way it should be, because we have paid a lot to them (insurance companies) - more than $1,100 per year for home insurance and more than $800 per year for vehicle insurance.

Lack of knowledge about this, makes us unable to take full advantage of the insurance policies that we have, take advantage of them or make the best choices about how much coverage to buy.

The next explanation will make you quickly understand the basics and how insurance works, as well as various types of insurance that are usually purchased by people, such as home ownership and tenant insurance, health insurance, disability, long-term care, life insurance etc. .

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